With essential oils, you can heal :

Abscess    Acid indigestion    Acne    Aerophagy    Agitation    Allergic rhinitis    Anemia    Anguish    Animal (insects...) stings    Anxiety    Aphonia    Aphta    Arthritis    Arthrosis    Articular pain    Asthenia    Athlete's foot    Back pains-hurts-aches    Back problems, muscular problems, joint problems    Bad breath    Bed wetting    Bilious attack    Blister    Bloating    Bruise    Bronchial or lung problems    Bronchitis    Burn    Buzzing noise in the ears    Candidiasis-Candida albicans    Cellulitis    Chapping-chapped hands    Chilblain    Circulatory problems    Cold    Constipation    Contusion-Knock    Crack    Cut    Cutaneous mycosis -Fungal infection    Cystitis    Depression-feeling down    Dermatitis    Diarrhoea    Digestive problems    Digestive spasms    Dry cough    Ecchymosis    Eczema    Enuresis    Epistaxis    Feeling of nausea    Fever   Fit of nerves    Foot problems    Furuncle-boil    Gastric acidity    Gastritis    Gastro-enteritis    General condition or psychological problems    Gingivitis-inflammation of the gums    Haematoma    Halitosis    Hay fever    Headache    Heartburn    Heavy feeling legs    Hemorrhoids    Herpes : oral herpes, genital herpes    Hiccoughs-hiccups    Hoarseness    Hot flushes    Impetigo    Indigestion    Injury    Insect bite    Insomnia    Intestinal gaz    Intestinal worms    Irritation cough    Itching    Jammed finger    Laryngitis    Loss of voice    Lumbago    Lumbar pain    Menstrual-period pain    Migraine    Motion sickness    Mouth or teeth problems    Mouth ulcer    Muscle cramp    Muscular contraction    Muscular soreness-aches    Neuralgia    Nosebleed    Oedema-edema    Otitis-ear infection    Oxyures    Pains    Pharyngitis    Phlebitis    Physical and mental tiredness    Problems of children or teenagers    Pruritus    Reflux disease    Retention of water    Rheumatism    Rhinopharyngitis    Runny nose-running nose    Sciatica    Scrape-scratch-graze    Shingles-herpes zoster    Sinusitis    Skin allergy    Skin problems    Skin ulcer    Sore throat    Spasmodic colitis    Spasmophilia    Splinter problem    Sprain    Stage fright    Stomach cramps    Stomach hurts-aches    Stomatitis    Strained muscle    Stress    Stuffed up nose-blocked up nose    Sunburn    Superficial wound    Tendinitis-tennis elbow    Throat, nose or ear problems    Tinnitus    Torn muscle    Torticollis    Tracheitis    Transport-related problems    Traumatic problems    Ulceration    Urinary infections    Urticaria-hives    Varicose vein-varix    Venous insufficiency    Voice disorder    Voice (disorders : aphonia, hoarseness)    Vomiting    Wet cought-loose cough    Women's or men's problems   

  I'm looking for solutions in case of...

Circulatory problems
General condition or psychological problems
Mouth or teeth problems
Women's or men's problems
Throat, nose or ear problems
Skin problems
Back, muscular or joint problems
Foot problems
Bronchial or lung problems
Problems of children or teenagers
Digestive problems
Transport related problems
Trauma problems

Welcome on this website, on which I explain in details how to use essential oils. I'm a pharmaceutical assistant and I'm passionate about aromatherapy. I tried to describe precisely the modi operandi without any shadow zone, precising every time what age group is concerned, amount, treatment duration, precautions to take (with ou without vegetable oil, under or on the tongue, through the skin, how many drops, how long, etc.). Because it would be a shame to refrain from using essential oils for lack of one information.

What can you treat with this essential oil ?

Abrial lavandin essential oil
Bergamot essential oil

Broad-leaved paperbark/punk tree/niaouli essential oil

Camphor rosemary essential oil

Cardamom essential oil
Carrot essential oil

Cineole rosemary essential oil

Clary sage essential oil
Clove essential oil

Compactum oregano essential oil

Coriander essential oil
Cypress essential oil
Exotic basil essential oil
Eucalyptus radiata essential oil
Geranium essential oil
Ginger essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil
Helichrysum italicum essential oil

Juniper essential oil

Ladanum bearing cistus essential oil

Laurel essential oil
Lavender essential oil

Lemon essential oil
Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil

Linalol thyme essential oil
Mandarin essential oil
Marjoram essential oil
Mastic tree essential oil
Myrtle essential oil
Palmarosa essential oil
Patchouli essential oil
Peppermint essential oil
Petitgrain essential oil
Ravintsara essential oil
Roman chamomile essential oil
Sandalwood essential oil

Spike lavender essential oil

Super lavandin essential oil

Tarragon essential oil

Tea tree essential oil
Thujanol thyme essential oil
Thymol thyme essential oil

Wintergreen essential oil

  I wonder...

Should you persevere if there is no improvement ?
What should you do in case of eye contact with an essential oil ?
How long can you keep an essential oil ?
What should you do if a child swallows an essential oil ?
What must you do if you pour too many drops, even one only, of an essential oil ?
Are essential oils appropriated at all ages ?
Can you use several essential oils concurrently ?
What kind of vegetable oil should you use ?
Why can't you find anything on this website about essential oil diffuser ?

Plants cannot move. However, they attract insects needed to pollinate them, they've survived environmental conditions through the ages. They acquired the necessary resources to withstand sun burns, cold bites or animal bites, wounds caused by storm, by animals, by germs, parasites or fungi attack, toxicity of chemical elements that are present in soil, by stress.

In each plant, everything is present for survival, or for carrying out an action or the contrary. Variations of the chemical composition which is specific to each variety are in particular determined by living conditions.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the crazy challenge that answers found by plants could be used to heal human beings by extracting essential oils from plants. Large amounts of plants are often needed to obtain a few drops of an essential oil. However, if these few drops were sufficient for the survival of all these plants, that's because essential oils concentration is very important. This brings us, in aromatherapy, to use only a part of each plant, some other ones being too toxic at these concentrations.

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